That's Right - The One & Only - Original - World Famous Pooter Tooter

prodimgThe Original Since 1981!

Unbelievably realistic, the Pooter Tooter, a fart noise maker, is the most sought after fart gag product all over the world. Filmmakers, teenage boys, and celebrities alike have amazed their audiences with their seemingly vast gastrointestinal capabilities, thanks to the Pooter Tooter. Yes, high ranking military officials, business executives, Hollywood bigwigs, and your favorite uncle have something in common: the Pooter Tooter!

Startlingly authentic, this fake fart gag will bring smiles to the toughest of crowds. Whether you are a professional jester or jokester, buy your Pooter Tooter to entertain your audience. Sounds So Real, You Can Almost Smell It

We ship immediately and all products are guaranteed 100%. Don’t be fooled by copycats; I am the original Pooter Tooter, the covert, trusted source of gaseous gaffs since 1983!

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